Course Overview

The 36th annual meeting of Point/Counterpoint will be held in Baltimore, Maryland on May 11 and 12th. A number of things have changed. L.D. Britt has stepped down as the Director. Dr. Britt ran Point/Counterpoint masterfully for eight years, and we will miss his pointed questions and comments. This year, the program will be two days instead of the usual 2 1/2 days. The focus will remain the same. This will be a review of state of the art management strategies for common clinical problems, as well as challenging and controversial topics. The format also remains the same.

As we have done in the past, the first day will center on trauma and emergency general surgery. The second day will be devoted to surgical critical care. This year, we have attempted to make the content more broadly applicable to nurses, advanced practice professionals, and physicians from a variety of disciplines. Trauma and critical care are the quintessential team sports. Gathering all who care for these challenging patients for two days can only serve to make us all better.

This year, the Charles Wolferth Jr., MD Memorial Lecture will be delivered by L.D. Britt, MD, MPH, D.Sc (Hon), FACS, FCCM. I could think of no one more fitting to address us, and it will be wonderful to have Dr. Britt among us again. On Friday, Philip S. Barie, MD, MBA, MCCM, FIDSA, FACS, will be presenting the Sharon M. Henry/Maryland COT Lecture. In addition, we will feature the EAST Oriens winner, Danielle Pigneri, MD, who will moderate a panel discussion on the future of the care of the critically ill and injured.

Point/Counterpoint will assemble an expert faculty. We intend this to be evidence-based and expect a lively intellectual exchange. Our course syllabus will include a synopsis of each presentation and will be distributed at registration.

— Thomas Scalea, MD, MPH, MCCM, Course Director

Course Objectives

At the completion of this program, the attendee should be able to:

Course Content

This meeting will address relevant issues in trauma, emergency general surgery, and critical care. The format of Point/Counterpoint, a pro/con debate, will allow for critical analyses of the current body of evidence with interaction from the moderators, the presenters, and the meeting participants.

Day 1 will focus on management issues in trauma and acute care surgery. The Wolferth Lecture will be given by L.D. Britt, MD, MPH, D.Sc (Hon), FACS, FCCM.

Day 2 will be devoted to controversial topics in surgical critical care. The Sharon M. Henry/Maryland COT Lecture will be delivered by Philip S. Barie, MD, MBA, MCCM, FIDSA, FACS.

Named Lectures

Charles C. Wolferth, Jr., MD Memorial Lecture

Charles C. Wolferth, Jr., a nationally known surgeon and medical expert, spearheaded a state law that created the Pennsylvania Trauma System Foundation. He battled for decades to develop a foundation that would monitor the quality of care in hospital trauma centers. His goal was to help prevent victims from dying needlessly during that "golden hour"—the first 60 minutes of care that can make the difference between life and death. Ultimately, the foundation became a model for other states. “Dr. Wolferth created a model that no other state can match,” said Dr. C. William Schwab, Chief of Trauma a Critical Care Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Known as the “surgeon's surgeon,” Schwab said, “there was no one better.” Dr. Wolferth was head of the department of surgery at Graduate Hospital when he retired in 1998. During his 44-year career, he was department head, surgeon and teacher at HUP, Hahnamann University and Presbyterian Hospitals, and other medical centers. He was a member of 56 medical societies and the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious National Safety Council Surgeons Award for Services to Safety in 2000. Dr. Wolferth was the chief architect of the Point/Counterpoint Conference.

The Maryland COT/Sharon Henry State-of-the-Art Lecture

Sharon M. Henry, M.D., FACS, is the Anne Scalea Professor in Trauma of the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and the Chief of the Division of Wound Healing and Metabolism at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center where she is also the Head of the Soft Tissue Infection Service. In addition to being recognized as an international expert in trauma surgery and soft tissue infections, Dr. Henry is also widely known for her untiring commitment to the educational efforts of the American College of Surgeons' Committee on Trauma.

Upon becoming the State Chair of the Maryland COT in 2004, Dr. Henry set in motion the development of an impressive number of educational initiatives which culminated into a very successful Annual Maryland COT Trauma Care Symposium, which she spearheaded for several years. Under her outstanding leadership, Maryland's ATLS program became one the best in the country. While personally engaged in teaching TEAM (Trauma Evaluation and Management) to thousands of medical students, she also brought ATOM, ASSET, RTTDC, DMEP and other advanced trauma courses to the Maryland COT, making all of them regularly available at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

In recognition for her tireless efforts at optimizing the care of the trauma patient, Dr. Henry has already received three Governor's Proclamations, two Shock Trauma Hero Awards, the Shock Trauma Superstar Award, the Department of Surgery Teaching Award and the Meritorious Service Award of the American College of Surgeons. In 2015, she was further acknowledged by the Maryland COT with the establishment of the Annual Sharon M. Henry, M.D. Keynote Address.